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  • Streatham Space Project - a new arts space for Streatham Hill

    Now up and running, with their first season behind them - welcome Streatham Space Project!

    Describing themselves as 'a new theatre, comedy, music venue' catch up on all the news on their website, here, follow them on Twitter at @StreathamSpace or email them at info@streathamspaceproject.co.uk

  • Permit parking coming to Streatham?

    Is your address in the proposed 'Streatham Hill West' CPZ? Click here to see if you'll be entitled to a permit. And click here if you want to respond to the consultation on introducing a CPZ in St Leonards (Streatham Common/Streatham Vale)

    Everything you need to know ...

    In December 2017 Lambeth Council launched an informal survey to assess demand for a controlled parking zone (CPZ) in Streatham Hill. The results are now in. According to the council - there is demand for a CPZ on the west of Streatham Hill. But not east of it.


    The council are now proceeding with a formal consultation on introducing a CPZ west of Streatham Hill.


    Meanwhile, the council have now announced plans for a survey on introducing a CPZ in the St Leonards Ward (Streatham Common and Streatham Vale)


    Some on the Streatham Twitterati have pointed out that while 70.9% of respondents west of Streatham Hill were in favour of a CPZ - only 16.1% of those residents surveyed actually submitted any response. It will be interesting to see if survey results are endorsed once the proposal goes out to formal consultation. Response rates east of Streatham Hill were even lower, at 14.6%, but opinion more evenly spread, with 54.7% opposed to a CPZ, and 39% in favour (read all survey responses here).


    Lambeth have published a list of those addresses - residential and business - eligible for parking permits if the new 'Streatham Hill West' CPZ does go ahead, here.


    All information on the St Leonards ward parking survey (Streatham Common/Streatham Vale) is available here.


    By way of background, when Lambeth first mooted the idea of a CPZ in Streatham (back in 2014), we ran a survey. And it was neck and neck: 42% did want a CPZ, 33% didn't, 20% wanted testing in target areas first. But what was interesting were the verbatim comments ...


    On trains:

    ‘I know 3 people who have moved away from Streatham due to the public transport problems’

    ‘… on the verge of losing her job because of their disgraceful service’

    And on parking:

    ‘My road is utterly snarled up and impossible to park on. One particularly memorable (and horrible) consequence was coming home from a&e at 3am with a newborn and having to park four roads away’

    ‘ … I can never park near my house and with three kids (5,3 and 6months) and three school runs a day …’

    ‘Parking is a nightmare and road rages are common on our road because of that’

    ‘We are getting a number of mini cabs being stored on our road for awhile now….among other parking issues….’


  • What's happening to the Streatham bingo hall?

    As the owners announce no more bingo from January 28th 2018, what's going to happen to the iconic Grade II-listed art deco former Streatham Hill theatre? Follow this thread for regular updates

    UPDATE ...

    Streatham Hill Theatre declared an asset of community interest

    Following a flash-mob campaign last autumn, Lambeth Council have now made the Streatham Hill Theatre an asset of community interest. Find out more on the campaigners' Facebook page here.


    When the announcement was first made of the Streatham Hill Theatre going up for sale, we wrote to their CEO. Fair play to him, he came back within 24 hours. Here's what he said:


    Interview opportunity with Nick Harding, CEO of Praesepe group, on his new vision for the old Streatham Hill Theatre following the press announcement below.
    Interviews to take place at Streatham Hill Theatre with tour of the building also included. Please contact: Martha Phillips at Source Marketing Communications on 0113 3801644 or email martha@sourcemc.co.uk


    Beacon Bingo has announced today an opportunity to work with businesses to replace Beacon Bingo at Streatham Hill Theatre. Beacon Bingo Streatham Hill, part of the Praesepe group of companies, has offered Bingo to its customers for over 50 years and was formerly known as Streatham Hill Theatre which opened in the 1920s. At one time in the 1960’s the venue was the largest Bingo Club in London. Prior to the club offering Bingo it operated for forty years as one of the largest theatres outside the West End and still has many of the original features from its Theatre days. Recently a ‘Open House’ night was held at the Club, VIP guests were given guided tours of the building and after the Bingo session a short play was performed for an audience of 200 people(written by Craig White, General Manager) which served to demonstrate the fantastic acoustics in the main auditorium.

    Nick Harding, CEO of Praesepe said: “The outstanding contribution of all staff and management at this club for over 50 years has enabled us to provide a great service to the local community. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, the Bingo club has recently started to make a trading loss and we have to move on with other plans for the building”.

    Nick continued: “ We have now decided to scale back our traditional Bingo offer in the Club but will continue to provide a form of electronic bingo in a smaller area behind the main foyer. Having surveyed other potential uses for the Theatre we are planning now to seek a commercial partner who would be interested in reopening the beautiful Cocktail bar at first floor, we will also reopen three floors of offices at the rear of the building and of course we would very much like to work with a theatre group who might be interested in reviving what is an historic theatre. I am personally determined to breathe life back into this magnificent building alongside all the other exciting building and residential projects currently taking place in Streatham and will be prepared to be as helpful as I possibly can to any organisation that wishes to talk to us”. ENDS

  • Waitrose coming to Streatham?

    It pops up on social media about once every six months.

    And when it does, we publish their response here ...

    Although you probably shouldn't hold your breath ...

    Speculation’s been getting a bit bonkers lately, so we wrote to their Managing Director.


    Are Waitrose coming to Streatham, or are they not?


    Here’s what they said:

    @ShoutStreatham We’re always looking to open more branches and hope to open near you soon but no plans at the moment.


    So now we know.

  • Crossrail 2 - the end of the line for Streatham?

    It seems Crossrail 2 have now published their ‘Response to issues raised – Autumn 2015 Crossrail 2 Consultation’. And it doesn’t look good for Streatham.

    Read the full report here (you need page 27 for comments on Streatham).

    And it looks like a pretty firm 'no' ...

    Every time we make this point we get completely ignored by pretty much all the politicians, national and local. On which basis, we can’t help feeling that they know it’s a busted flush, Streatham-wise.


    Because if it isn’t – surely time for Chuka to get together with David Lammy (Head, Crossrail 2 Parliamentary Group), Michelle Dix (TfL Managing Director, Planning) and representatives from the London Assembly Transport Committee? Just to establish, once and for all, if there is a genuinely realistic chance of Crossrail 2 coming to Streatham? Because, have to say, it does look as though TfL have made up their minds and the answer, for now, looks like a pretty firm no …


    We have considered Crossrail 2 serving Streatham and Croydon but found that this was not the best option for London and the South East as a whole …


    … going via Streatham would put pressure back on to crowded lines, and that relief, where it offered some, would be on lines that are generally less congested …


    … Crowding on the Northern line northbound between Clapham Common and Clapham North would increase significantly …


    … A Streatham option would also massively increase existing costs due to: the additional tunnel length (an extra 6.4km at £40m/km = £250m); the cost of an additional station (up to £1 billion); up to five new shafts required between Wimbledon and Clapham Junction; and likely higher operating costs.

    Our current route allows us to provide the greatest benefits to the greatest number of people. Streatham still stands to benefit from Crossrail 2, being just a short distance from either Balham or Tooting Broadway. Streatham will also benefit from planned improvements to National Rail services, and from planned rail devolution and ‘metroisation’ in South London.


    AND SO – Crossrail Streatham and all that … aware of the various Crossrail controversies, we ran some content in April 2014. Two years ago now, Lord. You can read what we said here. (You’ll see it refers to our old ‘allabouthstreatham.co.uk forum’. Don’t bother trying to find that – had to abandon it. Just getting too much porn.) Anyway – as you’ll see, two years ago we put out a number of contacts for people to lobby. Including the Crossrail 2 parliamentary group (here). The London Assembly Transport Committee (here). TfL Managing Director, Planning, Michelle Dix (MicheleDix@tfl.gov.uk,020 7126 4513). Or Network Rail Group Strategy Director Paul Plummer (paul.plummer@networkrail.co.uk).


    So – y’know – maybe Chuka could organise a Crossrail Streatham meeting with Crossrail 2 Parliamentary Group Chair David Lammy? Or Vice Chair Andrew Adonis? Just a thought … because public meetings are all very well. But need to actually talk to the decision-makers, no?

  • What's on in Streatham?

    Streatham listings, events, goings-on

    Regular events:

    • DON'T FORGET - check all listings at Streatham's own live theatre venue Streatham Space Project here
    • Monday nights - ex-Apprentice 3rd-place runner up @danlassman brings his weekly quiz to the Horse and Groom, 8pm start
    • First Monday of the month - games night at The Railway, Greyhound Lane
    • NEW - new opening The Mere Scribbler is hosting a monthly book club. Meeting Wednesdays at 8pm. See their FB group for details here
    • Tuesdays - Chess Club at Streatham Library, 4.30 - 7.30 pm
    • Tuesdays - Quiz Night at The Railway, £50 top prize
    • Tuesdays - Games Night at Pratts and Payne - Scrabble, ping pong, dominoes and more
    • Wednesdays - Quiz Night @PrattsandPayne, £50 bar tab up for grabs
    • Thursdays - @andypwestcott brings his Off The Chart Quiz Night to the Earl Ferrers, 8pm start
    • Thursdays - Quiz Night at the @ManorArms, teams of one to six, 7.30pm start
    • Thursdays - new Northern Soul night at the White Lion
    • First Thursday of the month - vinyl night at Cafe Barcelona!
    • Fridays - @WhiteLionLondon are running their weekly @SW16SoulClub night
    • Fridays - live karaoke at the Five Bells, Streatham High Road
    • First Friday of every month - live music night at the Manor Arms
    • Saturdays - live music at the Five Bells, Streatham High Road - check listings for Dolly Parton, Adele, Freddie Mercury, Black Elvis and other tribute acts
    • Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month - Farmers' Market at The Railway, Greyhound Lane
    • Saturdays - Polar Bears Can Dance host live DJ sets to 2 am at Pratts and Payne
    • Last Saturday of the month - live music from the house band at the Horse and Groom, plus live music every other Saturday
    • First Sunday of the month - live music at The Railway, Greyhound Lane
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    ... which means what's happening with the Beacon Bingo hall (and the lovely art deco former Streatham Hill Theatre); what's the latest on permit parking in Streatham; and when - if ever - are Waitrose going to come back to Streatham?

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